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BVL Study

Data Management as a Competitive Advantage

A new BVL study shows that increasing digitalization has a considerable impact on logistics and supply chain management processes. Now more than ever, digital expertise and correct data handling are a competitive advantage for any business.

Cost pressure, individualization and complexity emerged as the top 15 trends identified by a study titled “Trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management,” presented at this year’s BVL Logistik Dialog conference. Other high priority trends include the digitalization of business processes, transparency in the value creation chain as well as increasingly networked processes.

This study commissioned by BVL Germany focused primarily on the international opportunities inherent to the digital disruption. 73% of surveyed businesses thought that these were high or very high. However, in order to capitalize on these opportunities, businesses must be willing to innovate and take risks in the area of IT, which ultimately comes down to handling data in accordance with established business practices. To achieve that, businesses will need a more intuitive approach to all things IT, both on the subject-matter level and on the management level. In addition, necessary resources need to be provided and employees must be trained appropriately. Technologies like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) have the ability to master the ever-increasing complexity of merchandise flows, to increase productivity and to meet client-specific demands.

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