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Upstream EDI for Smurfit Kappa

The term “upstream” refers to the flow of raw material and packaging, in this case from the manufacturer's order all the way to the pre-supplier and back. Upstream EDI, on the other hand, is the term used when this process is done via EDI and GS1 identification standards (by relying on the GS1 shipping label). | read more Icon: arrow-right

Intervju Marlovits CEO EDITEL

Interview EDITEL CEO

Overall, I believe that we are moving towards 360-degree networks. Whether it’s with clients, suppliers or other service providers, we always see ourselves as “builders of digital bridges” among businesses while offering maximum quality and convenience. And that is true no matter the size of a company, its industry or focus. | read more Icon: arrow-right

New managing director

As per January 2018, Gerd Marlovits will be the new managing director of EDITEL Austria and as such the successor of Peter Franzmair who will retire after more than 30 years dedicated to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Gerd Marlovits knows the EDI business inside out. | read more Icon: arrow-right

e-Invoices to the Government/ÖBB

Since 1 January 2014, vendors that provide goods or services to federal agencies in Austria must send their invoices electronically in a structured format. By late 2018, provinces, municipalities as well as other institutions and businesses subject to public procurement law must be in a position to accept structured invoices electronically. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Najnovija generacija eXite

Facelift EDI service eXite

EDITEL’s EDI service eXite® has been revamped to offer a comprehensive EDI package based on the most advanced technological standards. Stable, reliable, future-proof: this is what the EDI platform eXite® has embodied for more than 30 years. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Panteon Plus is now EDITEL Adria

Effective February 2017, the Croatian subsidiary of EDITEL Austria, Panteon Plus, officially changed its name to EDITEL Adria d.o.o. EDITEL Adria will continue to offer state-of-the-art EDI services, relying on 30 years’ supply chain experience in more than 20 countries. | read more Icon: arrow-right


Data Management along the Supply Chain

“Data are the key to success,“ said Sylvia Völker, Head of Supply Chain at Maresi and Klaus Schaffer, Business Development Manager at EDITEL during their joint presentation about “Data transparency in data transfer – big data management along the supply chain”. | read more Icon: arrow-right

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