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Cooperation TELEDIN

EDITEL and TELEDIN join forces to offer strong automotive industry expertise

Just in Time: delivery, flexibility, innovation, and short response times are the most important drivers of the contemporary automotive industry. Other requirements include a strong demand for quality, reliable delivery and transparent logistics processes. A decisive competitive advantage is the well-coordinated electronic and standardized exchange of logistics information (EDI) among automobile manufacturers and their suppliers (TIER 1-3).

EDITEL and TELEDIN, two leading EDI providers in the region of CEE, have now bundled their know-how to offer businesses in-depth EDI expertise of three decades. It is a significant step forward in broadening its capabilities to provide advanced EDI solutions for the automotive and manufacturing industry in the CEE region.

The Director of International Operations of EDITEL, Tibor Šata, strongly believes in this cooperation and the new potentials this new basis shall bring. “Thanks to our collaboration, existing and future clients will benefit from more than 30 years of experience in EDI, combined with state-of-the-art EDI solutions,” he said.

We look forward to this new opportunity of working together with EDITEL on new exciting projects and also helping our existing clients to further enhance their EDI practices.

Jiří Tomášek, the Managing Director of Teledin

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