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Digital Facility Management

Facility Management Mitarbeiter vor dem Firmengebäude

ISS, a facility management company, strives to perfect its processes each and every day for the benefit of its clients in all its lines of business, from airports and catering to technical services. ISS now receives approximately 3,000 invoices from one of its main suppliers electronically instead of on paper. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) makes it possible.

We offer facility services in many different industries and business areas, which is why we have a very complex structure that includes subsidiaries and business partners. Managing the incoming invoices from all these business partners was too time-consuming and too error-prone. Now that everything has been automated, we no longer need to scan anything, check anything manually or enter information into the ERP system manually. Thanks to this approach, our accounting workload decreases by approximately half a workweek. That’s all it took to convince our staff of the benefits of this solution.

Harald Denk, IT director at ISS

Easy and fast implementation

On the technical side, ISS relied on expert support from the EDI services provider EDITEL:

We have integrated all invoice data into our corporate ERP system for ISS and all business partners, which allows us not only to exchange information, but also to process it without a glitch. All data is transferred via the EDI platform eXite®, which ensures that data is transmitted in real time. We also have the option of easily adding more business partners at a later point.

Björn Neumann, project manager at EDITEL

ISS plans to connect more business partners to the system in the upcoming months. Harald Denk concludes by saying that “we have already made our invoice processing much more efficient. Our next logical step is to add as many business partners as possible.”

Benefits thanks to EDI at ISS

  • Implementation of an electronic and fully automated invoicing process
  • A single main interface for all business partners
  • Services provided by EDITE
    • EDI Communication via eXite®
    • EDI Integration as a Managed EDI Service
    • Consulting service
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