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Optimized order processes at VAPIANO thanks to EDI-ERP integration by EDITEL and Delegate Group.

The initial situation

Quality, freshness and transparency are the basis of the highly successful “fresh casual dining“ VAPIANO concept. Many VAPIANO restaurants even produce their own pasta, pizza dough, sauces, dressings and sweets using only fresh ingredients.

Making sure that these ingredients are available when needed and in sufficient quantities translates into high administrative and organizational effort in the purchase of goods process. Given the rapid growth of the company, it soon became evident that the involved effort needed for paper-based orders increased constantly. The need for time-saving automated communication processes increased accordingly.

EDI as a secret weapon

The introduction of a new ERP and cash register system by the ERP software provider Delegate-Group in 2017 was an excellent opportunity for VAPIANO to change its previous approach to the procurement of goods. The EDI platform eXite by EDITEL was the perfect solution for VAPIANO because it has an integrated EDI interface to the Delegate ERP system.

This allows VAPIANO to connect all business partners via a single connection. In addition, all business information can be processed automatically in the Delegate system. This was the starting point for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) at VAPIANO. Orders (ORDERS), despatch advices (DESADV) and article master data (PRICAT) can now be exchanged easily, efficiently and in real time. After an initial pilot phase in 2017, EDI is now successfully being used at 65 VAPIANO restaurants in Germany and in 14 restaurants in Austria.

Thanks to EDI, order processes and synchronization of main data are now fully automated, which has made the procurement of goods at VAPIANO much easier. By reducing manual entries, we also save considerable amounts of time at our restaurants. Yann Gourdin, IT Expert Applications & Processes.

Unlimited options

The EDI platform eXite can be used for many different purposes, especially in the highly demanding F&B industry. In addition to standardized message types, customized solutions can also be implemented. One example is the electronic “delivery plan” that was recently created for VAPIANO Austria. It gives specific restaurants detailed information about delivery times. Connecting new suppliers and business partners to the system is intuitive and swift. EDITEL supports VAPIANO with dedicated roll-out management services and customized assistance as needed. Additional restaurants will be added gradually.

Benefits thanks to EDI at VAPIANO

  • Standardized, easy and efficient order processes
  • Correct and updated article main data
  • Current inventory information thanks to electronic despatch advices
  • Easy connection of business partners both national and international
  • Implementation of customized solutions to match VAPIANO’s needs
  • Support and assistance for business partners before, during and after the roll-out by EDITEL


In 2002, when the innovative “fresh casual dining“ concept was introduced with the opening of the first VAPIANO restaurant in Hamburg, a new category of chain restaurants was introduced. The successful concept quickly spread around the world. Today, a total of 216 VAPIANO restaurants exist in 33 countries and 5 continents and the company continues to grow. In Austria, VAPIANO currently has 15 restaurants, seven of which are in Vienna, which makes it the city with the highest number of VAPIANO restaurants.

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