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EDI Communication for Schanda Modehaus

The situation

In the past, whenever Schanda employees selected new collections at fashion tradeshows, they ended up with a large amount of work. They had to manually enter and check order data for sizes, delivery times, etc., which often included up to 100 different items. This was a very time-consuming process, especially in view of the many suppliers. In addition, inventory checks and repeat orders for merchandise were previously done manually and the employees had to take care of this process themselves. Modehaus Schanda strived for the implementation of a comprehensive automated information flow with its suppliers, which brought the business to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The solution

The ERP system RETAIL professional™ by ACL was connected to the EDI platform eXite® by EDITEL, thus laying the groundwork for swift and error-free order processes with the company’s suppliers. In early 2016, merchandise procurement processes with two suppliers went electronic. Price/sales catalog information or article master data (PRICAT), purchase order responses (ORDRSP), despatch advices (DESADV), sales data reports (SLSRPT) as well as the currently not yet used inventory report messages (INVRPT) can now be exchanged in a fully automated manner.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was for us to switch to EDI. There was no effort involved on our side. ACL and EDITEL met and exceeded our high expectations regarding a seamless information flow with our suppliers. Gregor Schanda, owner, Modehaus Schanda.

The result

ACL’s expertise regarding the company’s internal processes, combined with the collaboration with EDITEL as a highly competent EDI partner, translated into a swift and seamless implementation of the project. The painful manual entry of purchase order responses as well as printing and affixing merchandise labels are now a thing of the past because they will be delivered automatically by the suppliers along with the recommended retail price. This considerably decreased the workload for the administrative staff and also saves a lot of time. Sales data reports (SLSRPT) allow suppliers to react immediately and to replenish the collection as soon as specific sizes or colors are no longer available at the store. Suppliers even have the option of exchanging an entire collection when the data show them that sales are low. This solution has benefits for all sides and was very well received by Modehaus Schanda employees – they now have (even) more time to provide personal assistance to their clients, offering nothing less than a perfect selection.

Benefits thanks to EDI at Schanda

  • Seamless information flow with suppliers
  • Simplifies administrative processes
  • Manual entry for purchase order responses (ORDRSP) becomes obsolete
  • No more merchandise label printing required
  • Automated merchandise replenishment thanks to sales order reports (SLSRPT)
  • New suppliers can be connected swiftly and efficiently

About Schanda Modehaus

The Schanda Modehaus fashion store located in the Upper-Austrian town of Kirchdorf looks back on a 70-year-old family tradition. Originally founded as a gentlemen’s clothing store only and called “Schanda Männermodewelt” it was expanded in 2009 to include “Schanda Woman” a large women’s department. Headed by Gregor Schanda, this family-owned business employs 30 and offers an appealing combination of personal assistance and great selection. It is one of the leading medium-size businesses in its industry and region.

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