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A customized Web EDI solution from EDITEL makes orders easier to track


Customized Web EDI solution for Hi-Lex

Hi-Lex, an automotive supplier, works with approximately 60 different suppliers at its Hungarian manufacturing plant. With many of these suppliers, Hi-Lex has long-term agreements for recurring delivery volumes and the same product, while other suppliers receive only one-off orders. In an effort to keep a good overview and to quickly and easily identify delivery volumes for specific suppliers, Hi-Lex wanted to find a transparent and controllable option for its supply chain.

To achieve just that, EDITEL has developed a customized Web EDI solution which makes it possible, among many other things, to differentiate between long-term suppliers and one-off orders, relying on specific message types. This makes orders easier to track and it also allows the company to handle long-term and one-off suppliers differently, e.g. when it comes to payment terms and contractual specifications.

In brief

  • Introduced a transparent tool to control supply chain processes
  • Developed a customized Web EDI solution
  • Implemented message formats:
  • Makes orders easier to track
  • Allows the user to handle long-term and one-off suppliers differently
  • Makes financial planning more efficient

About Hi-Lex

Hi-lex-logoFounded in 1946, the Japanese Hi-Lex Group employs a total of 16,000 employees worldwide. Hi-Lex is an automotive supplier in the areas of window openers, door modules and cable systems, among others. Most of its manufacturing plants are located in Asia as well as in North and Central America. Hi-Lex Hungary Kft in Rétság produces mostly window openers as well as push-pull cables for different applications in the automotive industry.
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