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Ordering portal buyIT

The integrated ordering portal buyIT for SME and/or field service employees

buyIT is the ideal solution for optimizing incoming orders. It can be used both as an order portal for small clients and as an online tool for field service employees. buyIT allows users to easily process orders via EDI and integrate them into existing EDI supply chain processes.

Ordering portal buyIT connects small clients

buyIT is similar to an online shop where your clients can sign in and order products using a user-friendly web interface, check their order status and access invoices. The web portal buyIT allows you to rely on a single interface to eXite to connect business partners who do not use EDI.

Ordering portal buyIT for field service employees

Used as an online tool, buyIT gives your employees an order portal they can use to record orders during meetings with clients or shortly afterwards, using a PC or tablet. All they need is an active internet connection.

buyIT is not only a great option for recording orders, but also offers an excellent overview of the latest pricing conditions, order volumes, free samples and returns for employees on the go. This will allow them to provide the very best assistance to existing and new clients. Whether you use it as a client order portal or as an online tool for field service employees: we will adapt buyIT to fit your needs regarding the desired design, product selection, price lists and discounts. The updating service makes sure that all information is always up-to-date.

Orders will be transferred electronically as traditional ORDERS using the EDI service eXite. This allows for automated processing in the ERP system and error-free incoming orders and, ultimately, swift order processing.

Your benefits for your customers

  • Integration into existing EDI processes
  • Automated update for product master data
  • Customized definition of product range, price lists and discounts for every client
  • Minimum order information can be defined
  • Automated order tracking
  • The following EDI processes are available:
    • Orders (ORDERS)
    • Purchase order responses (ORDRSP)
    • Despatch advices (DESADV)
    • Invoices (INVOIC)
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