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Making good things even better – EDITEL Journal 1-18

As an EDI service provider, it goes without saying that our favorite topic is telling people about the large potential of Electronic Data Interchange and how business processes will improve when companies jump on the automation bandwagon.

And yet, the most wonderful thing for us to see is when shared efforts yield real results and when companies benefit from EDI processes for their corporate strategies in both the short and long run. One example among many is our long-time client Meggle/Rajo Slovakia, whose electronic distribution network spans three countries and includes its logistics partner DACHSER. DESADV makes it happen!

Sometimes, making a change is the best choice. C.S. CARGO, an expert logistics company, recently consolidated its EDI infrastructure to make its processes even more transparent and efficient. And oftentimes it is the pioneers that have a positive effect on an entire industry, such as in the case of the well-known Austrian meat processing company Wiesbauer

As always, it is our pleasure to support all our clients in each and every one of their projects. And it is also a pleasure to tell our readers about them in this journal, which I hope you will enjoy.


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