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Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

About the industry

One of the distinguishing features of the healthcare industry is the presence of numerous participants on the market. They include hospitals and other healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers as well as contractors for patient care services and manufacturers of medical devices. Together, they form a complex delivery chain that includes a large variety of drugs, medical devices, foodstuffs and other products that ensure that patients’ needs are met every day.

Industry challenges

All market participants face downward cost pressure. In face of dwindling government budgets, work hours and resources need to be managed with great care. Customer orders have to be filled very swiftly while making sure that the correct products, e.g. drugs, are delivered. Against this background, gathering data swiftly and accurately is as important as strict compliance with predefined delivery conditions. After all, patient safety is the ultimate goal.

The benefits of EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the degree of automation it creates are designed to allow companies reach the above-mentioned corporate goal. EDI ensures the following:

  • Swift and accurate recording and exchange of data such as batch numbers, expiration dates and other product-specific information
  • Shortens delivery times and makes manual article recording obsolete
  • Maximum delivery reliability
  • Excellent merchandise traceability
  • Avoids excess products
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs for all logistics processes
  • Industry-wide use of GS1 standards

In short

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