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Beskyd Fryčovice

More efficient business processes with EDI


The Czech company Beskyd Fryčovice, a.s., established in 1969, is a company with a long-time presence on the food and retail markets. The company’s range of products includes packaged potatoes and processed potato products, refrigerated vegetables and vegetable mixes. Beskyd Fryčovice currently communicates with 12 partners using EDI (Ahold, Makro, Billa, TESCO, Globus, KFC and to exchange orders, despatch advices, invoices, inventory reports (ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV, APERAK, COMDIS, AUTACK, INVRPT, CONTRL) etc. EDI communication translates into strong and effective business relationships with key customers, including wholesale and retail chains.

EDI is highly beneficial to our contract-based processes with our existing as well as our future clients. Our business processes, particularly the ordering and invoicing, became more efficient thanks to the implementation of EDI. We issue almost 5,000 orders, more than 600 invoices and 500 despatch advices every month, and EDI has helped us save an estimated 16 hours per month.

Jakub Štegner, senior economist at Beskyd Fryčovice, a.s

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