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EDI survey presented at the ECR Information Day 2011

Studie zur EDI Nutzung beim ECR Infotag 2011 vorgestellt

100 percent EDI for Austria’s FMCG industry is the objective of Austrian trade sector. As part of this EDI offensive EDI Austria commissioned a broad-based study on the use of EDI in Austria, which was managed by Professor Maria Madlberger from the Department of Business and Management at Webster Vienna Private University and by Professor Thomas Foscht from the Institute for Marketing at the University of Graz.

The surey was presented at the ECR Information Day 2011 by Professor Maria Madlberger. The survey found that the savings potential of a paperless supply chain through electronic data interchange is significant. The Austrian trade sector therefore plans a general expansion in terms of ORDERS, DESADV and INVOIC, as well as an expansion and increased integration of eBilling with electronic signature and

  • DESADV with purchasing price check,
  • DESADV in the fresh produce assortment,
  • DESADV in the direct assortment,
  • DESADV to support goods receipt at the central warehouse and shop levels and Integration of non-merchandise suppliers.

The supplier side also expects today’s EDI volume in terms of ORDERS and INVOIC to double in the long term, and to treble for processes not so widely used, such as DESADV or REMADV. However, nearly 60 percent of the companies are waiting for initiatives from the trade sector when it comes to an expansion of EDI.

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