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EDITEL Journal 2/2011 - Safeguarded

As we all know, we are faced with a dramatic change in behavior of the parties involved in business. Moreover the perspective for the upcoming years suggests that the landscape of business in Europe will be very different from that we were used to for the last couple of decades. Business will have to be much smarter to find the path of growth and much more efficient to succeed in competition. In the modern world it seems that no one can get away from electronic business and creation of value is more than ever about efficiency. Therefore, EDITEL’s objective is more than anything else about creating highly efficient business processes along the supply chain.

EDITEL offers innovative products and services around its flagship Business Integration Network eXite®: from cost-efficient Web EDI to fully integrated solutions. Our entire product and service portfolio aims to make processes critical to business more efficient in order to secure competitiveness and sustainable profitability for your company. Fully electronic exchange of information – safe, reliable and without any loss of information!

By employing the latest technologies, our innovative solutions carrying all experiences EDITEL earned over the two decades, it can be demonstrated that working with fully electronic information is the most efficient and beneficial way that businesses of any size and any industry should follow. In this context, read more about current EDITEL projects and news from the EDI industry in this issue of the EDITEL Journal. We wish all our customers and partners a Merry festive season and look forward to working together successfully again in the year 2012. Enjoy reading!

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