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Herba Chemosan sets new standards in healthcare with EDI

In the Austrian healthcare industry, the electronic exchange of orders (ORDERS) is already widely used. Herba Chemosan, the highly innovative pharmaceutical wholesaler, goes even beyond that and has implemented the exchange of other business documents such as purchase order responses (ORDRSP), electronic despatch advices (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC) with its business partners via the EDI platform eXite® To reach the goal of generating maximum benefit for all participants in the procurement process now and in the future, thorough preparations were needed, in addition to the concise definition of existing processes and available master data.

Since the GS1 standard is used, all participating partners can rely on the same interface, which also makes for a multiplier effect on both sides. In view of the ultimate goal of a paperless, error-free and time-efficient merchandise cycle, this approach translates into increased efficiency for the entire industry. After a number of partners such as Roche Diagnostics, Pfizer, Lundbeck and Gebro were successfully connected, more partners who will make their data available electronically will gradually be added. From day one, EDITEL Austria assists Herba Chemosan and its partners in the implementation of new messages.

In brief

  • Introduction of new message types according to the GS1 industry standard:
    • Purchase order responses (ORDRSP)
    • Despatch advices (DESADV)
    • Invoices (INVOIC)
  • Coordination with and connection of national and international partners to eXite®
  • Syntax assistance and syntax check for incoming messages performed by EDITEL
  • The pharmaceutical industry benefits from EDI experiences in other industries

EDI pilots in Austrian healthcare

"Our goal was to create benefits for our clients and for our company with the use of EDI. And we have reached that goal, for we minimized errors, the supply chain is faster on both sides and we have freed up resources. We are working on establishing these interfaces and encouraging other partners to do the same.“ Daniel Wagner, Director of dispatching and logistics, Gebro Pharma GmbH

"EDI has the advantage that orders that previously required manual entry can now been processed directly in SAP. Mistakes related to manual entry are now a thing of the past and orders are available in the system immediately after they have been sent. The costs associated with order entry decreases by 50%. “ Harald Bichler, Director, Lundbeck Austria GmbH

"The interaction between all involved parties, e.g. GS1, EDITEL, Pfizer staff and our client Herba Chemosan (pilot project) went very smoothly. Both sides experienced a learning curve and thanks to ongoing coordination and collaboration between competent partners, we ultimately successfully implemented the project." Markus Edelbacher / Head of Logistics, Customer Service & Trade, Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH

"After thorough coordination with Herba Chemosan and with the assistance of our service provider EDITEL, we successfully introduced automated purchase order responses, despatch advices and invoices." Ernst Linschinger / ROCHE Diagnostics

About Herba Chemosan

Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG has a market share of roughly 43% and delivers to more than 90% of Austrian pharmacies, which makes it the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and service provider in Austria. With its seven logistics centers throughout Austria, Herba Chemosan has a closely knit distribution network for the delivery of medical and healthcare products. With its subsidiaries Sanova and Aewige, Herba Chemosan is an integral part of the Herba Group which employs roughly 900.

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