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HGV Symposium 2014 – optimization potential in the F&B industry

HGV Symposium 2014

The 4th Austrian GV Symposium on 11 March 2014 will revolve around concepts, new trends and perspectives for executives working in corporate food services, healthcare and business catering. This year’s main theme will be “Using quality to overcome image challenges.” An entire day will be dedicated to finding new approaches in the industry.

The conference venue of choice is “Gasthaus”, KWP’s seminar and conference center at “Haus zum Leben Döbling.” In addition to experiencing first-class presentations and forward-looking solutions, participants will have plenty of room to discuss, talk and exchange ideas with their peers. One of these opportunities will be an expert panel.

Subjects and speakers (all presentations in German)

  • Worth every penny – a new mindset in catering to young people, Gerhard Kerber (Lochau trade school and boarding school), author of a cookbook dedicated to mass catering
  • New worlds for mobile guests: TzouLubroth Architects (designers of the new cafeteria at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, among others)
  • Paper no more? Optimizing purchasing processes with Eletronic Data Interchange, Markus Schmidleitner, Eurest Restaurationsbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Mass catering: Insisting on quality – does it make sense or is it going too far? Prof. Lothar Kolmer, Department of Gastrosophy, University of Salzburg
  • Industry expert panel: Mass catering managers’ dilemma: How to reconcile their guests’ expectations with their own
  • Using both brain hemispheres: latest findings in neuroscience applied to sales pitches, Denis Garparac, Salomon Foodworld

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