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On the Fast Track for Amazon


Low price, fast delivery. These are the two major criteria that ensure successful collaboration with Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer.

For Amazon retailers there is a customized EDI solution to meet these requirements. As soon as an order (ORDERS) is received via Amazon, it is sent to the retailers suppliers in a fully au-tomated fashion. The desired article-related information such as price, number of units and delivery time is immediately sent back in a purchase order response (ORDRSP). Based on this information, a supplier is choosen and the merchandise is send from the selected supplier directly to Amazon. Speed is key for this process and can only be achieved with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDITEL developed a solution that allows for this high-speed exchange with all suppliers. Suppliers who use EDI are connected to the fully integrated interface while small suppliers can use a web-based EDI portal.

This customized solution includes an IBM Sterling Integrator, an audit-proof archive and the Web EDI portal, which ensures that all business documents can be exchanged and used as needed and that invoices can be processed in an audit-proof manner.


At a glance

  • Customized EDI solutions for Amazon retailers
  • Maximum speed in the delivery
  • Connection of suppliers of all sizes
  • Web EDI solution for small suppliers
  • Audit proof archiving of invoices and other business documents
  • Audit proof invoicing process


EDITEL supports Amazon retailers

EDITEL has helped some 20 clients from different industries in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia connect to Amazon. These were mostly compre-hensive processes that included orders, purchase order responses, despatch advic-es, invoices, inventory reports and sales reports. At EDITEL, we provide expert per-sonalized assistance that contrasts with the oftentimes “hard-to-grasp” online giant Amazon.

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