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Beskyd Fryčovice

The Czech Beskyd Fryčovice, a.s., a company with a long-time presence on the food and retail markets, currently communicates with 12 partners using EDI. EDI communication translates into strong and effective business relationships with key customers, including wholesale and retail chains. ...

Venio indicium

By teaming up with EDITEL and integrating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) into the ERP system, Venio indicium takes the quality and value of its services and products to yet another level. ...

New managing director

As per January 2018, Gerd Marlovits will be the new managing director of EDITEL Austria and as such the successor of Peter Franzmair who will retire after more than 30 years dedicated to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). ...

e-Invoices to the Government/ÖBB

Businesses can rely on the trusted e-invoicing services by EDITEL when issuing their invoices to ÖBB – just like they do when working with the federal government ...

GO Gaststätten order according to need

A successful way to automated order processing. ...

EDI in the Digital Age

Are you familiar with the term “legacy system“? It is an IT term that describes an old, well-established system in a corporate software environment, which, while still in use, largely isn’t state of the art anymore. ...

SPAR relies on RECADV

RECADV is so much more than just a merchandise receipt message. RECADV (receiving advice) can shorten information flows, minimize invoicing discrepancies and reduce the workload at the warehouse, at the sales location, and in the accounting department. ...

EDITEL Partner Network