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From Facility Management to Information Management

The optimization of complex work and procurement of goods processes is an essential element of successful facility management. Now more than ever, digitalized information management is the way to go. EDI has enormous potential that many businesses have been using to their benefit. ...

eXite® User Club celebrates its 30th anniversary

For 30 years, the “eXite® User Club” has driven innovation and enhancement in the field of Electronic Data Interchange, building on ongoing user feedback. ...

The path of SPAR to increased energy efficiency

With the introduction of EDI, SPAR Österreich has not only complied with the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act. Electronic Data Interchange also provides an overview of all consumption data which will serve as a basis for future energy-saving action. ...

Exciting EDI-Projects in our new EDITEL Journal

In our last issue, we had once again shown that EDI processes significantly benefit companies in a variety of sectors and industries. Specifically, we addressed e-business solutions for legal matters. I am pleased to go even further and present yet another diverse set of companies and projects that benefit from our work. ...

EDITEL is now the EDI provider of Sodexo Germany

Following the successful EDI rollout at Sodexo Austria, Sodexo Germany has decided to follow suit and now relies on EDI services provided by EDITEL. In collaboration with the ERP software provider delegate, EDITEL will help Sodexo gradually switch its order processes at more than 400 locations to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). ...

Playing it safe

While Sodexo is mostly known as a catering business in Austria, it is also one of the largest providers of facility management solutions both in Austria and in Germany. To optimize its processes, Sodexo relies on EDI and its EDI service provider EDITEL. ...

Audit-proof invoicing with PDF e-Invoice

EDITEL’s electronic PDF invoicing solution allows for audit-proof invoice sending. With PDF e-Invoice, it just takes a bit of implementation to achieve considerable savings in terms of time and money. ...

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