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Latest news about EDI and EDITEL!

Find here the latest news about supply chain management, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDITEL and many more. If you would like to receive our news directly via e-mail, please subscribe to the  EDITEL Newsletter!

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Slovnaft to capitalize on the benefits of EDI

SLOVNAFT, a.s, a member of the MOL Group, operates 253 gas stations and handles hundreds of different products in its business on a daily basis. SLOVNAFT relies on EDITEL’s advanced technology and solutions to facilitate electronic document exchange processes. In this context, Slovnaft benefits from Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), which significantly increases the efficiency of key processes between supplier and clients. ...

Open-house event at “Brahmsplatz data hub”

Vienna, 3 October 2019. EDITEL, GS1 Austria LMW and ECR, collectively the “Brahmsplatz data hub,” hosted an open-house event on 3 October 2019 at their offices. ...


This year, 550 billion invoices are expected to be printed around the world. According to the “2019 Billentis Study,” roughly 90 percent of these invoices are still paper invoices. ...

e-Invoicing Summit

The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit will be held in Vienna from September 30 to October 2, 2019. Participants at this global platform get in-depth information about recent developments and future trends in the field of E-Invoicing. ...


At the invitation of the auditing and consulting firm EY, GS1 Austria and its subsidiary EDITEL Austria, along with renowned logistics companies such as DB Schenker and LKW Walter and the Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich (BVL) as well as the Vienna University of Economics and Business, will participate in the “Blockchain Initiative Logistik.” ...

Upstream EDI backaldrin

backaldrin is yet another company that relies on upstream EDI in its business processes with S. Spitz. ...

EDI Integration Felber

When it comes to EDI, the bakery chain Felber puts its trust in EDITEL. ...
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