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A101 and Teda Global connected to eXite®

Another two Turkish companies, A101 and Teda Global, have joined the ranks of businesses that rely on the EDI platform eXite® to support their EDI infrastructure. Discount retailer A101 has had a presence on the Turkish consumer goods market since 2008. The chain now has more than 2,422 branches throughout the country and its sales in 2013 amounted to approximately 3.3 billion Turkish lira.

The local trading company Teda Global has 50 branches in the greater Istanbul area and also uses EDI to continuously connect manufacturers. Teda Global also relies on EDI for electronic procurement of goods processes. As a first step, the company plans to connect with other businesses in the Yıldız Holding Group such as TekÖzel, which is Turkey’s leading company in branded goods manufacturing and sales.