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Big data, big trouble? Getting it right: digital archiving

Many companies strive for a truly paperless office. They do so for a good reason. After all, digital business processes save money, resources and administrative work. But even when there are no more large piles of paper that need to be processed manually and stored, which costs both time and money, significant amounts of electronic data will still remain. This data needs to be managed in order to successfully optimize internal processes. 

This includes, above anything, the digital archiving of data. It would be ideal if the archiving process were an integral part of a company’s processes, as is the case for fully automated invoicing, where approved invoices are automatically filed in the digital archive. This means that no additional manual work is necessary. Karl Cegner, EDI expert at GS1 Austria, explains the process: “The new EU directive about the equal treatment of electronic invoices and paper invoices has moved digital archiving into the spotlight. Invoices must not only be stored for the statutory period of seven years, but their authenticity, integrity and readability must be ensured. In addition, in case of a tax audit, companies must be able to present invoices at any time. All this is easy to do with a digital archive. Digital archives add a legally compliant storage option for invoice data to fully automated invoicing systems (eInvoicing).’’

In addition to invoices, companies can save time and money by archiving other business-related electronic documents. All documents, ranging from contracts to paystubs, can be archived in the data format of your choice. Roman Imrich, product manager at EDITEL, an EDI provider, elaborates: “For many companies, it is important to have maximum consistency in their IT infrastructure, which allows them to reduce complexity and to create seamless processes. The archiving solution by EDITEL can be embedded in the existing IT environment via interfaces to other systems (e.g. SOAP) and acts as a company's only central archiving solution. Its many additional functionalities (time stamp, digital signature, trustworthy export, etc.) make it an excellent choice for archiving sensitive data.”

Integrated digital archiving solutions support electronic business processes and help save money and time while reducing complexity. Would you like to learn more about a digital archiving solution that suits your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us by calling +43 / 1 / 505 86 02 – 30 or contact us via e-mail at stenech(at)

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