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C+C Pfeiffer successfully sends e-invoices to the federal government

Effective 1 January 2014, the federal government exclusively accepts invoices in an electronic and structured format (e.g. ebInterface/XML). This change affected 77,000 suppliers, including C+C Pfeiffer, a supplier to BBG. Since 2 January 2014, the company has been sending electronic invoices to BBG (Bundesbeschaffung GmbH) in a timely and highly efficient manner. The forward-looking project management department and the right technical solution made it possible.

Klaus Obergruber, IT-Organisation C+C Pfeiffer, explains the process: “We deliver to approximately 400 BBG locations, which translates into roughly 50 invoices every day, which we now send in ebInterface/XML format. The key success factor for this project was allocating ample internal resources before we started, which allowed us to gather all necessary information and get an idea of the technical requirements.” After in-depth discussions about available solutions with BBG, GS1, EDITEL and C&C Pfeiffer, the company went through with the implementation process. The food wholesaler decided to use EDITEL’s conversion service.

Christian Stallinger, head of development of the Pfeiffer Holding, is happy with the results: “Swift and resource-efficient implementation was key for us. The solution provided by EDITEL meets all these requirements. EDITEL is in charge of converting all invoice data into the ebInterface/XML format defined by the federal government. Data is transferred via eXite®, an EDI platform, just like before. This means that we did not have to allocate additional resources for implementing the data format or creating an additional EDI communication channel. Thanks to the expert assistance provided by the EDITEL team, the implementation itself happened swiftly and smoothly.”

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