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Celebration of 20 years anniversary of EDITEL CZ

EDITEL celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and on this occasion it organized a social meeting of its customers, partners and employees in the DOX Centre for Contemporary Arts on 25th September 2014.

Guests from more than 30 countries joined us to celebrate the jubilee anniversary of our company. The celebration took place in the gallery of contemporary arts, whose atmosphere granted a modern and inspi-rational touch to this evening.

First the floor was taken by the director of the Czech Branch Tibor Šata, who welcomed all guests and thanked them for their cooperation during the twenty years of the company’s growth and development. He was then followed by the international operations manager of the Editel group, Franz Humenberger, who shortly mentioned the development of the EDI conception in relation to the Czech Republic and touched upon the history of EDITEL Czech Republic and EDITEL Austria. Then, the business and marketing manager Jan Mrvík summarized the twenty-year long journey of EDITEL Czech Republic up to the present and provided a short outlook into the future.

The Start Point exhibition was available throughout the evening, presenting works from students of art schools from several European Countries. This was followed by a rich buffet and music provided by the jazz group Tarapaca Jazz. The program was concluded by a performance of an Indonesian artist, Alionos Sunarto, who performed a fantastic ice show. During the whole evening guests could exchange contact information on the exhibited memorial plague of the eXite network.

Judging by the reaction of guests and customers, this social event was a success and we would like to thank everyone who accepted our invitation and celebrated this important anniversary with us. 


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