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Managed EDI Service: the fast track to good wine


According to an old African proverb “those who deserve wine should not get water.“ In an effort to get wine shipments to its clients even faster and more efficiently than before, L. Derksen & Co is increasingly relying on Electronic Data Interchange. On the occasion of the transition to abas, the new ERP system, all electronic procurement of goods processes were fully integrated using EDITEL’s outsourcing solution.

This translates into increased efficiency for Derksen, especially when it comes to recording orders from wholesalers such as Metro, REWE and Transgourmet because orders (ORDERS) no longer need to be entered manually. These advantages are also true for despatch advices (DESADV) which can now be consolidated and sent to the client at the touch of a button. Automatic invoicing processes (INVOIC) have also become more convenient. In addition, the use of EDI has had “a very positive impact on payment behavior,” said Gerhard Retter, IT manager at Derksen. As a client, he was very pleased with the way all challenges that arose during the implementation phase, e.g. the sparkling wine tax, inconsistent payment conditions or rebates in kind, were “perfectly solved thanks to the good collaboration between EDITEL and Nittmann & Pekoll.”

Even though the implementation phase for EDI is costly and time-consuming in the beginning, it pays off every single day. In times like these, there is no way around automation.

Gerhard Retter, IT manager at Derksen

In brief


About L.Derksen & Co.GmbH

Founded in 1950, L. Derksen & Co, a family business headquartered in Leobendorf/Korneuburg, is an importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits. For many years, the company has delivered to wholesalers and the F&B industry and its comprehensive high-quality selection includes renowned international wines as well as leading brands including Monin, Beluga vodka and Pol Roger champagne. A team of 18 employees purchases, sells, markets and distributes more than 1,700 quality and premium articles, serving clients in all Austrian provinces.

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