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e-Invoice Solutions by EDITEL

An international E-Billing and archiving solution for invoice documents is available. This solution facilitates national legal frameworks and all additional national requirements. Users can work actively with the archive and the solution of EDITEL enables them to evaluate the status of individual documents. In close cooperation with Procter&Gamble EDITEL designed and developed a solution for digital document handling (i.e. electronic invoices) covering the whole CEE region. This solution is unique, runs on a centralized platform, and facilitates

  • all the technical capabilities
  • the national subsets of EANCOM/EDIFACT in each one of the countries
  • the national legal framework of archiving electronic documents
  • the digital signature
  • all additional requirements requested by the national regulatory bodies.

The system enables users to work actively with the archive, including displaying and printing of archived invoices. Due to a single common interface in English language, it supports the P&G staff of the whole region. It also offers national language support for those countries, which are part of the project. Depending on the capabilities of the customers system this solution enables also evaluation of the status (received, verified, approved, payment scheduled, paid etc.) of each individual document within the customers – the recipients of electronic invoices - system.

The solution is fully outsourced to EDITEL, and as such EDITEL is in charge of hosting the entire infrastructure, providing services and customer support, maintenance of the system, and change management including both technical and legislative requirements. The current implementation, that is covering the countries Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, can be extended to other countries on demand.

"The electronic invoicing solution developed by EDITEL fulfilled the expectations and enables Procter&Gable an effective development of the regional processes of invoicing. One virtual team of people from any country in Central Europe has access to the system. At the same time it is possible to offer the solution to different customers with specific requirements in the region. During the implementation of this fully outsourced solution the EDITEL staff did prove its professional attitude."

Jan Felcman, Customer Systems Manager, P&G, Central Europe South

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