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EDI User Club - High Efficiency Supply Chain Processes since 25 years

EDI User Club - High Efficiency Supply Chain Processes since 25 years

250 million transactions from orders to inventory reports are transmitted via the eXite Business Integration Network. eXite is therefore one of the leading eBusiness platforms with the CEE region – also thanks to the pioneering work of the EDI User Club. 

eXite® stands for the optimization of the supply chain: across industries and for the entire CEE region. Like an electronic postal office, it ensures the automated processing of the entire supply chain: from electronic orders, invoices, delivery of goods, return processing, sales reports or inventory notes. The development of this platform is the first objective of the EDI User Club. This team of experts, consisting of representatives of the leading trade and industrial companies in Austria, meets regularly to decide on user-friendly regulations for the optimization of eXite.

The success story started 25 years ago on September 11, 1986 with the requirement to exchange not only order information but also delivery data and invoices in an automated and standardized way. In cooperation with the standardization organization GS1 Austria (before EAN Austria) a working group was founded (EDI User Club) to development a system in accordance with these requirements (ECODEX, today eXite). The main objective was the simplification and cost reduction of electronic data interchange as well as an adequate technical entry level to ensure the participation of all companies in the sector.

"The EDI User Club does not want to dwell in the past", says Mag. Peter Franzmair, co-initiator of the club and CEO of EDITEL Austria (Provider of the eXite platform): It is our work to develop new potentials for the optimization of the supply chain. Even though electronic data interchange via eXite® has been used successfully for 25 years now, this technology, like every other, needs to be adapted to the requirements and needs of the customers as well as the market. Therefore we prefer to look forward rather than backwards”.

Picture gallery 25 years eXite® User Club

25 Jahre eXite User Club
25 Jahre eXite User Club
25 Jahre eXite User Club
25 Jahre eXite User Club

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