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EDITEL Breakfast: All you need to know about issuing e-invoices to the federal government!

January 1 is just around the corner! Starting that day, the federal government will only accept electronic invoices in ebInterface/XML format. In an effort to provide information about the new guidelines and possible implementation solutions, EDITEL Austria organized a breakfast dedicated to this issue. Approximately 80 participants attended the event at Brahmsplatz 3 on 5 December 2013.

EDITEL’s guest speaker, Andrea Leutgeb of Bundesbeschaffung GmbH (BBG), focused on the legal framework and guidelines for contractors. According to the ICT Consolidation Act, PDF invoices are no longer recognized as electronic invoices. An e-invoice service provided by BBG is in place to support contractors in their efforts of submitting correct invoices (e.g. format checks, form-based creation in an online shop, etc.). Karl Cegner, an e-invoicing expert at GS1 Austria, explained how the federal government’s and BBG’s specific requirements can be implemented. Above anything, he recommended identifying important parameters early in the process, for example identifying the relevant government departments, transaction volumes or establishing if invoice exchange with other business partners (e.g. via EDI/Electronic Data Interchange) is already in place.

Gerd Marlovits of EDITEL Austria presented a solution for automatically submitting e-invoices to the federal government via eXite®, an EDI platform. This solution is especially attractive for companies that strive for the highest possible degree of automation. Any feedback regarding specific invoices will be saved on the eXite® online platform and will be sent to the invoicing party via e-mail. A conversion service by EDITEL is also available for companies that do not generate the required ebInterface/XML format themselves (GS1 /EDIFACT, CSV, I-DOC etc.).

Ultimately, the widespread introduction of e-invoicing will make administrative processes easier both for invoice recipients and issuers while also saving money. At the same time, the billing process becomes more transparent and facilitates timely payment by the federal government.

Peter Franzmair, managing director at EDITEL Austria, elaborates on his company’s experience in electronic invoicing processes: “We don’t see ourselves just as a service provider, but predominantly as consultants. We want to make things easy for companies. Relying on our more than 25 years’ experience in EDI and electronic invoicing, we have developed a straightforward solution for electronically sending invoices to the federal government or BBG. We are more than happy to make our expertise available to all clients and business partners!“

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