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EDITEL Turkey at the Perder Istanbul Summit 2012

EDITEL at Perder Summit 2012

Turkish FMCG sector is one of the fastest growing branches in the Turkish market. At this year’s Perder Istanbul Summit 2012 more than 100 representatives of Turkish retailers and suppliers discussed how this potential can be used for the sector. Focus of the event was the optimization potential of supply chain management via EDI.

The topic was presented by Vecni Cem Onat, CEO of EDITEL Turkey, an international EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Provider and operator of the EDI Business Platform eXite®. According to international surveys up to 120 Turkish Lira (51Euro) can be saved per order to invoice process thanks to EDI.

Onat: “This is an enormous potential which can be used also for the Turkish market. With the current growth of the sector it is getting more and more important for retailers and suppliers to create efficient and lean supply chain processes and thus increase their competitiveness on the market. EDI is a powerful and innovative technology to fulfill this task. It streamlines business processes and is a prerequiste for a sustainable supply chain management. It enables companies to exchange standardized business documents with their business partners in a fully automated way. EDI can be continuously adapted to the requirements of markets. Thus ensuring innovative, efficient and cost saving supply chain processes, like automated ordering or acceptance of goods, invoice processing and many more.”

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