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Energy Efficiency Act: automated provision of e-invoices and consumption data

Energy Efficiency Act

Energy efficiency is a big issue not only when it comes to global climate-related goals, but also as a cost factor for businesses. The Austrian Energy Efficiency Act now requires businesses of a certain size to make this issue even more of a priority.

That is why consumption data play a key role because they help quantify prescribed energy savings. In addition, associated electronic invoices allow for the optimization of processes.

EDITEL has created a connection to EDA, the EDI network of the Association of Austrian Electric Utility Providers, providing access to all Austrian energy providers via eXite®. This has laid the groundwork for users to be able to receive electric utility invoices and pertinent consumption data via eXite®.

Mag. Christoph Stenech

Your contact person at EDITEL

For more information about the Energy Efficiency Act please contact:

Mag. Christoph Stenech

+43 / 1 / 586 02 - 15