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Environmental Association

Trash bags available at the click of a mouse

Voralberger Umweltverband

When it comes to waste disposal, Vorarlberg differs from other Austrian provinces. The municipal garbage collection service will only collect trash from private households that has been placed in original trash bags issued by the municipality. The Vorarlberg Environmental Association has been put in charge of the administrative and organizational side of issuing these bags. Among other things, the association makes sure that sufficient quantities of these trash bags are available in stores. In an effort to make the order process easier, the Vorarlberg Environmental Association, in collaboration with SPAR, recently started using EDI. EDITEL developed a solution designed to fit the needs of the Environmental Association which makes trash bag orders by SPAR easy to record. The EDI platform eXite® makes it happen by transferring order data (ORDERS) electronically to the Vorarlberg Environmental Association.

"We save huge amounts of time because we no longer have to process orders for every single Spar store manually".

Herbert Koschier, the managing director of the Vorarlberg Environmental Association

In brief

  • Via eXite®, a converted EDIFACT file (ORDERS) is sent to the Vorarlberg Environmental Association in an in-house format (CSV file)
  • Centralized and consolidated transfer of orders
  • Eliminates the need for manual processing, which saves considerable amounts of time and resources

About the Vorarlberg Environmental Association

Vorarlberger Umweltverband

The Vorarlberg Environmental Association represents all 96 municipalities in waste-related matters. In addition to waste collection, the Association also drafts invitations for tender for disposal agreements in specific areas. In addition, it is in charge of the centralized coordination and implementation of trash bag issuing.

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