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eXite® Service News

EDITEL EDI platform eXite®

The eXite® Service Team is always trying to extend the services, that are provided in the context of eXite, in order to increase the usefulness for the customers. On one hand this is being done by an ongoing optimization and enhancement process of the eXite® core system (for EDI data exchange) and on the other hand by adapting an adding new functions to the eXite Online Services at In the meantime every eXite® user has the possibility to increase the efficiency and security of the data exchange with its partners via the Online Services. Some of the most important new features are as follows:

  •  40 days XML mailbox status description service
    • The mailbox/account subscription service creates mailbox statistics (sum of received and sent messages) as well as detailled mailbox inbound/outbound descriptions (sending and receiving time, message reference, message class, size, etc.), that are put into the user's mailbox are sent via eMail to the user on a regular base. The period, how long back sent messages are captured, has been extended from 14 to 40 days recently. This allows the definite verification (the XML protocols are digitally signed and therefore not manipulable) of sent and received messages to/from eXite even a month ago.
  • Mailbox surveillance
    • This function enables the temporal surveillance of sent messages. If a sent message is not collected out of the receiver's mailbox within a free configurable period, an eMail that alerts this case, is generated and sent to the sender automatically.
  • Inbound notification
    • The so-called "Active Notification" means, that the user gets an eXite® generated eMail or SMS very time a new message arrives in its mailbox.
      It is also possible to send the notification via TCP/IP directly to the eXite® communications client installed at the user's server (as long as the client supports this feature), to automatically initiate a receiving process of the mailbox.
  • Receipt acknowledgements
    • By using this function the user can request an acknowledgement in the form of an EDIFACT CONTRL message via eMail or put into his eXite® mailbox each time a message sent by the user has been collected out of the receiver's mailbox.
  • Duplicate file check
    • If this option is active, every message sent to eXite is checked by using the combination "sender-receiver-message reference", if it has been carried out before during a 40 day monitoring period. In case of a positive check, the message is being rejected during the sending session with a respective error message. So the check prevents the unwanted multiple transmission of messages.
  • Active sending error notification
    • This feature allows being actively notified of sending errors (that also occur in the LOG section of the eXite® Online Services) via eMail. E.g. in case the the receiver of a message is not known in eXite® or there are syntactical errors in the message. Thus a quick and efficient error notification and correction is ensured.

If you have any questions concerning the features described above or if you need support during the configuration of the features, please do not hesitate to contact the eXite® Service Team support(at), +43/1/505 86 02.

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