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Field service

On the road with EDI

In addition to using Electronic Data Management (EDI) with fully automated order processes to run their business efficiently, manufacturers in the food, drugstore or any other industry rely on a time-tried strategy to be in constant contact with their clients, especially small-size business partners: personal contact via field service employees.

These field service employees visit their clients on a regular basis and show them the latest products, agree on rates and, of course, take orders. One case in point is the manufacturer of medical products Dr. Schmidgall, who works with many pharmacies, while the spice producer Kotányi serves restaurants and small grocery stores. Previously, the order process performed "on the road" used to be mostly as follows: the field service employee would manually take the order at the client's premises and would only be able to enter it into the order system later, which also had to be done manually.

In practice, this often meant that the employee had to return to the office to make sure the order would be processed the same day. Also, the process involved a lot of paper. Overall, it was a very time-consuming procedure with a lot of room for error. Luckily, for Kotányi and Dr. Schmidgall, this is now a thing of the past. Both companies recently started using buyIT in their field service. It is an online order portal that allows employees to record orders online while they are with the client or shortly afterwards using their PC or tablet. Brigitte Knapp, director of finance & controlling at Dr. Schmidgall GmbH & Co KG, has found this automated order processing to be "very user-friendly."

According to Ms. Knapp, all it takes is a notebook with internet access for employees to be able to easily enter orders into the company’s ERP system. Martin Lorenz, CIO at Kotányi GmbH, knows all about the many advantages of buyIT, not only for recording orders: "It allows us to have an overview of the latest orders at all times. This helps our field service employees provide the very best service to our clients." It is worth noting that buyIT does not only work across industries, but can also be customized for every client to reflect specific product ranges, rates and pricing conditions.

Benefits of buyIT for field service employees

  • Easy order recording anytime and anywhere
  • Integration into existing EDI processes
  • Automated update for product master data
  • Customized definition of product range, price lists and discounts for every client

buyIT for connecting small clients


In addition the using buyIT as an online tool for field service employees, it can also be used as a an online store where clients sign in themselves and can order products via a user-friendly online interface. Cosmetics corporation L‘Oréal Austria for example uses buyIT to allow hair salons to order haircare products online 24/7. In the luxury department of perfumeries, beauty coaches use buyIT to place their orders. Extended functionalities for coordinating returning goods is in progress.

About Dr. A. & L. Schmidgall GmbH & Co KG

Dr. Schmidgall

Dr. A. & L. Schmidgall GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Vienna, is an Austrian family-owned business that produces and sells medicine, medical products, nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

Über die KOTÁNYI GmbH


Kotányi specializes in spices and is one of the most traditional and most successful family-owned businesses in Austria. The company has a strong market presence in CEE and SEE and has always been synonymous with fine spices of the very best quality. Headquartered in Wolkersdorf in Lower Austria, Kotányi has a staff of 570.

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