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Greater efficiency with extended eXite® routing functionality

Greater efficiency with extended eXite® routing functionality

With the extended routing functionality of the eXite® Business Integration Network, eXite® users will be able to exchange their data with higher transparency and much more efficiently.

The international provider of EDI-Services EDITEL is specialized in the optimization and automation of B2B business processes of national and international companies. To provide its customers even better services and support in this global market with its growing number of complex transactions, EDITEL significantly improved and optimized the functions of the eXite® Business Integration Network. As from now the eXite® users have at their disposal extended routing functionalities. They provide unique and centrally configurable rules for the assignment of complex business transactions.

  • Recipient
  • Testflag
  • Message Format (EDI, XML)
  • MessageClass
  • Sender

On demand all messages with respective qualifier will be routed to a separate mailbox. Test-flag transactions can be automatically separated from active and therefore critical transactions. Messages from selected business partners or groups can be as well separated and assigned to a specific internal converting process. This way eXite® users can create individual mailboxes for orders, invoices, shipping notes or other message types. The effort to implement specific partners or messages can be significantly reduced or avoided completely.

Thus eXite® improves the structuring and control of incoming and outgoing data as well as the efficient integration into corporate infrastructures especially for customers with high exchange rates. With the extended routing functionality the user is the one to decide where his data is stored and can therefore react fast and effectively to customer demands. Already today eXite® customers make successful use of the new eXite® functionalities.

Upgrade your eXite® account now! Our support team will be glad to carry out the necessary modifications for you! Please contact us via phone +43 / 1 / 505 86 02 or e-mail support(at)

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