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Heineken Slovensko

Brewery implements electronic invoices and Business Monitoring

Heineken Slovensko, a.s. is a long-time user of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In Slovakia, Heineken exchanges electronic business data based on international EDI standards with more than twenty business partners, mostly retail chains. The corporate goal is to include invoicing as well as to connect additional business partners. Wherever full EDI communication is not possible, Heineken will rely on sending invoices in PDF format, secured by an electronic signature.

An important part of this project is to guarantee that electronic documents are archived as required by law in the Slovak Republic. The solution chosen by Heineken for this purpose is the EDITEL Archive. It allows for the archiving of electronic documents of any kind. The system itself provides various highly sophisticated tools to ensure the integrity and authenticity of archived documents. The system also supports electronic signature and time stamping. That is why the EDITEL Archive meets all the legal requirements of the European Union for electronic archiving, including the highest security standards.

Another integral part of the solution is the evaluation, monitoring and visualization of business cases as well as approval workflows. The user interface can be customized as needed, depending on each user’s requirements. Several tools for filtering and searching in archiving documents are available. The solution guarantees the creation, management and proof of an audit trail, offers important features to guarantee integrity, authenticity, proof of origin at the time as well as readability and sequence of documents.

Award-winning solution

The EDITEL Archive was chosen as IT product of the year 2014 by the editors of Computerworld magazine. Click here for more information.

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