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HGV Symposium 2013: EDI - technology of the future for HORECA

EDITEL at HGV-Symposium 2013

Innovative, efficient and sustainable strategies for the F&B and hotel industries took center stage at the 3rd Austrian HGV Symposium, or-ganized by the trade magazine “HGV PRAXIS“ on March 5, 2013. Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences successfully uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and relies on its EDI partner EDITEL to make it all happen.

The 3rd Austrian HGV Symposium, hosted by SV Group Austria and its managing director Stefan Zanini was all about “Learning from the best – strategies for sustainable profit.“ Approximately 100 participants attended the event, among them managers of industrial kitchens and representatives of retail and industrial business partners of industrial kitchens.

At the event, Stefan Unterlader, project manager IM/POS at Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, introduced the audience to a successful project aimed at reducing costs and optimizing business processes via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). He shared his positive experiences with the use of au-tomated procurement of goods processes at the international hotel chain. Thanks to EDI and the connection to the international EDI platform eXite® by EDITEL, Falkensteiner Group can now centrally coordinate purchasing processes for 32 hotels in six countries.

With eXite®, the corporation now has a standardized interface for both na-tional and international suppliers. Stefan Unterlader is pleased with the results: “While the implementation involves a bit of work, some planning and organizational skills, the introduction of a consistent system pays off on fronts.” For the roll-out management and the operative implementation, Falkensteiner relied on the services of his company’s EDI provider, EDITEL. Mr. Unterlader elaborated on the collaboration: “The support we received from EDITEL made connecting all our suppliers a breeze. EDITEL took care of all processes, ranging from getting in touch with suppliers to supporting them during the entire implementation phase. Thanks to the international availability of the eXite® platform, connecting our partners in Croatia was not a problem at all.”

However, EDI is a smart choice for companies of any size, including small and medium-sized businesses. Björn Neumann, project manager F&B/hotels at EDITEL, explains the process: “To use EDI, companies do not necessarily have to create complex IT environments. At EDITEL, we offer both outsourcing options and web-based EDI solutions, both of which allow small and medium-sized businesses to introduce EDI swiftly and at a low cost while benefitting from all the advantages this technology has for corporate ordering processes.”

In addition to the hotel industry, other industries have also discovered this resource-effective and sustainable approach to ordering processes. Susanne Sperlich, director of purchasing & logistics at Sodexo Austria, speaks for the mass catering industry: “Switching to electronic procurement of goods processes allowed us to optimize our ordering processes with a long-term perspective. To us, introducing EDI translates into a sustainable and future-oriented approach to our procurement of goods.” 


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