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Joint exchange on CRP and CPFR


Benefits of logistics concepts like CRP (Continous Replenishment Process or VMI) and CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment) are compelling: increase of revenue, improvement of availability of goods, reduction of logistics costs and the improvement of production planning, just to name a few.

Since for retailers and manufacturers in the Austrian FMCG sector the exchange of electronic orders, despatch advices and invoices is already part of the daily logistics processes, CRP/VMI and CPFR offer a the possibility to further improve efficiency and sustainability in supply chain management. Both concepts require close cooperation between retailer and manufacturer. VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) identifies the retailer’s warehouse management by the supplier. CPFR is the joint management of the planning, forecasting and replenishment process. Promotion quantities will be estimated by both and usually communicated by the retailer.

According to ECR Manager Dr. Nikolaus Hartig Austria is the leading country in the implementation of CPFR in Europe. Retailers like SPAR already dispose more than 70 percent of dairy products via CPFR and register significant improvements in service level and warehouse optimization. Martin Holzer, IT Organisation Logistics at Berglandmilch and Chairman of the ECR working group ensures also the support from ECR side: “We support efforts in this respect, especially regarding the harmonization of the processes for the entire FMCG sector.”

In total 144.013 inventory reports have been exchanged last year (2011) between 25 manufacturers and the Austrian FMCG retailers, confirms Mag. Karl Cegner, Senior Project manager at GS1 Austria The positive development of CPFR in Austria will also continue this year. EDITEL Austria and GS1 Austria are happy to provide interested companies with further information about the topic.

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