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Traditional retail player streamlines processes through EDI


LABAŠ s.r.o. has been active as a food wholesaler on the Slovak market for more than 20 years. It also operates a network of nearly 30 company-owned stores and another 800 franchise stores all over the Slovak Republic operated by Potraviny Fresh s.r.o. It is one of the biggest Slovak food retail chains. Given its revenue, it competes with large international retail players on the domestic market. The EDI project went underway in 2017 with comprehensive outsourcing services provided by EDITEL, a local team of consultants and the support of our suppliers’ information systems. Currently, the order and delivery of goods processes rely on EDI. In addition, a fully paperless invoicing system was implemented. At present, more than 60 major international and local suppliers are connected via EDI and the ultimate goal is to connect 150 to 200 of the company’s biggest suppliers.

We see EDITEL as a strategic partner and also as our first choice given its comprehensive EDI expertise. We were looking for a partner that would offer us added value, especially when it comes to provided services for us and our most important business partners. To us, EDI translates into tangible benefits in our contractual processes with existing suppliers as well as with new ones. Thanks to the launch of EDI, our business processes have become more efficient and faster, especially the documentation process.

Štefan Labaš, the CFO of LABAŠ s.r.o.

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