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Large Interest for the EDITEL Austria eBilling Information Seminar

EDITEL Austria eBilling Information Seminar

Electronic invoicing in the Austrian Consumer Goods Industry was the main subject of the EDITEL information seminar on September, 30rd 2010 at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna.

More than 100 attendees met there to hear the keynote presentations of prominent retailers and suppliers about their experience with the implementation of electronic invoicing with digital signature. They also learned how digitally signed invoices can be created and what cost-efficient solutions are being offered on the market. 

After welcoming the audience Mag. Peter Franzmair, CEO of EDITEL Austria, handed over to the presentations on the legal conditions of electronic invoicing by Dr. Gerhard Laga, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich and the presentation about the development of the corresponding standardized procedure by Karl Cegner, GS1 Austria GmbH. Both speakers pointed out that –according to the legislator – invoice party as well as invoice recipient are responsible for providing authenticity and integrity of the invoice data. All experts agreed that the digital signature represents an appropriate device in this regard. After that simple and cost-effective solutions where presented which cover all technical and legal requirements.

One solution for everybody
From the retailer side DI Norbert Bures of the REWE International AG, Mag. Klaus Schaffer of the SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels AG and Prok. Johann Müllner of the Markant Österreich presented their practical experience with the implementation of electronic invoicing with digital signature. As first company in the consumer goods industry, REWE International developed, together with EDITEL and GS1 Austria, a standardized procedure for the paperless EDI-invoicing with digital signature. It is planned to convert up to 60 per cent of the total volume of invoices to paperless commercial invoice. Also the retailers SPAR and MARKANT are interested in a fast implementation of electronic invoicing with digital signature. Both plan to realize eBilling with digital signature with as much suppliers as possible. The cost-saving potential on the Austrian market is enormous. According to various surveys it amounts to estimated 600 Million EURO, explains Mag. Gerd Marlovits in his presentation on the benefit and potential of eBilling.

Benefit for suppliers
Ing. Thomas Knapp, IMC IT Management & Coaching GmbH representing Hofer Kerzen and Adolf Strohmeier from Segafredo Zanetti Austria GmbH presented the implementation of electronic invoicing with digital signature on the suppliers side. Both speakers confirmed the considerable benefits in terms of improved process automation and economic efficiency. They underlined that there is a large interested in a broad implementation to secure maximum efficiency. In the final discussion round, the audience had the chance to ask individual questions to the speakers.

win-win Project
The conclusion of the event is both positive and challenging: All the involved parties benefit from the initiative of a branch wide implementation of electronic paperless invoices with digital signature. Therefore it is necessary to push and encourage every effort into this direction.

Next EDITEL info seminar: beginning of 2011
To support the information exchange between retailers and suppliers and promote the broad implementation of electronic invoicing with digital signature, EDITEL Austria plans a second eBilling information seminar for the beginning of 2011.

For further information on eBilling please contact the EDITEL Team
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