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MPREIS is all about efficiency

MPreis setzte elektronische Rechnung mit EDITEL um.

MPREIS is all about getting things done. Shortly after EU legislation mandating that paper and electronic invoices are to be treated exactly the same went into effect as of January 2013, the Tyrol-based retail company began planning the necessary extensive rollout. The goal is to have as many business partners as possible switch to electronic invoicing. Approximately half of the 80 suppliers planned for phase 1 are now connected to the system. MPREIS will start the second project phase, which will result in paperless invoice checks, meaning without collected paper invoices, for all electronic merchandise invoices during the course of this year.

According to Martin Tscherner, process and project manager at MPREIS, who spearheads the project, the benefits of this approach are significant: “With the completely paperless invoicing process, our suppliers save resources when issuing and sending invoices, while MPREIS saves resources when it comes to processing and checking invoices. This new process doesn’t even begin to compare to the previous manual work. It goes without saying that you need the right partner at your side for a project of this magnitude to work effectively. Our suppliers were very much in favor of a quick implementation process and the same was true for EDITEL, our EDI provider, who assisted us in the rollout management and with technical support services for our suppliers.”

IT director Martin Mölk agrees: “We are very happy with the project so far and we have high expectations regarding the next phase, during which we plan to see savings potential for the first time. Wherever we have the chance to improve our processes, we do not want to wait longer than necessary. The equal treatment of electronic and paper invoices was the ideal starting point for us.”

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