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No EDI - No Business

How reliable should an EDI infrastructure be? In particular in the FMCG industry, more and more business data is exchanged electronically. More and more business documents are handled without human intervention on an application to application level. An order is the bloodline of every business. No order means no business for a supplier, and perhaps an empty shelf for the retailer. For either party an economic nightmare. 

For that very simple reason the way how business documents are transferred electronically should be chosen very carefully. Topics like reliability (service level), data confidentiality, data integrity, monitoring and tracking should really be looked at, and evaluated very carefully, before switching to new systems.  As long as the systems are working, everything is wonderful. But what if there is a technical breakdown for several hours? 

Nobody likes to go back to the customer saying: “I’m sorry we had a technical breakdown, could you somehow let me have my orders by different means?” Does one have a back-up scenario available? The EDI partner may have such a back-up scenario, which is not exactly improving the own image. Electronic means of back-up or even physical means of back-up. Either way, what is needed is an alternative that can be used swiftly and without causing additional problems. 

This is true for the EDI platform itself, where it is the service provider’s responsibility, but also for onsite infrastructure at the customer’s premises. The infrastructure of eXite® meets all requirements that anyone expects from a reliable high availability b2b communication system, that serves thousands of customers in many different countries. 

Should you be interested to discuss back-up options for your own in-house EDI infrastructure, our technical staff is more than happy to share their experience with you. Please feel free to contact us anytime  support(at) 86 02 - 0. 

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