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In February 2009, EDITEL Hungary, which was founded in late 2008, moved into its new Hungarian office. The new company is located in Budaörs, a business suburb of Budapest, where many big players of the retail community, such as SPAR, Auchan, METRO, TESCO, MediaMarkt, Nestlé Coca-Cola etc. are located. This move enables EDITEL to respond to the increasing EDI demand in Hungary in an appropriate and most customer friendly way.

It enables EDITEL to support its Hungarian customers locally and in their own language. eXite® the eBusiness platform operated by EDITEL, is know in Hungary since many years, and was supported by EDITELs franchise partner SEEBURGER. A very specific and hot topic in Hungary is paperless EDI based billing. When companies want to get rid of invoices printed on paper, many specific and legal requirements must be fulfilled. Already in 2008, EDITEL supported several Hungarian customers in this matter. Besides others multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble and Henkel made its move into paperless billing by means of EDITEL solutions.

Also in the future EDITEL will place high emphasis on such efficient paperless solutions, and for that very reason EDITEL Hungary did establish direct network links to its mother company in Vienna and its sister company EDITEL CZ in Prague. EDITEL CZ has more than 6 years experience in offering EDI based paperless e-billing solutions that are in daily operation at hundreds of EDITEL customers in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

As of January 2009 the Hungarian EDITEL team is offering consultancy and support in local language and may be contacted as follows:

EDITEL Hungary Kft.
Baross u. 89
2040 Budaörs

EDITEL Partner Network