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Playing it safe

Sodexo Facility

After EDI was successfully rolled out at Sodexo Austria last year, Sodexo Germany has also decided to rely on EDI services provided by EDITEL. In addition to traditional EDI data communication to support order processes at more than 400 locations, EDI also helps digitize and optimize facility management processes.

Building managers no longer need to manually process despatch advices and the credit memo procedure give us the option of avoiding invoice booking at our locations altogether.

Susanne Sperlich, director of purchasing for D|A|CH

One example is transferring links for displaying pictures for an article in question. This is currently being implemented at Sodexo. An additional step will be embedding links for direct access to warnings and instructions for the use of cleaning products. The accuracy of such data is a decisive element when it comes to ensuring that products are used correctly by staff members and to avoiding widespread damage or even health hazards. Data for all cleaning devices, chemical products and other equipment will be transferred.

Standardized Electronic Data Interchange, also known as EDI, is a relatively new technology in the facility management business. Its successful use in the procurement of goods process opens up new areas of application on a constant basis. In the years to come, we will certainly make a lot of things happen.

Björn Neumann, a project manager at EDITEL

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For more information on EDI in the Facility Management sector please contact:
Björn Neumann, Sales Consultant
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