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Send your bank messages electronically

Sending your bank messages in SEPA format is now available on the Business Integration Network eXite ® operated by EDITEL Group! SEPA is the abbreviation of "Single Euro Payments Area" and will unify the fragmented cashless payment in the entire EU territory. With SEPA, the distinction between national and cross-border payments doesn’t exist any more. It means that any payment made in between EU countries is treated as national payment not a foreign payment anymore.

The “SEPA area” currently covers a total of 31 countries (the 27 EU countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), where since the end of January 2008 all consumers, enterprises and all kind of other commercial subjects, regardless of the country in which they are located can make or receive euro payments under the same conditions regardless whether they are national or cross-border. It was the aim of EC with the SEPA project to create an infrastructure for the increasing euro payments where all these payments are processed entirely electronically in a cost rational model benefiting the consumers.

After the successful launch of SEPA in January 2008, which has been completed with the introduction of the SEPA credit transfer, the OeNB is currently working on the implementation of the SEPA direct debit, the Europe-wide introduction is planned in November 2009. To handle retail payments safe and reliable, the EDITEL Group offers its customers an approved technical basis with eXite ®. In addition to the SEPA transaction data, the so called SBDH (Standard Business Document Header, standard of GS1) is applied, which uses XML technology as well as SEPA transactions. The SBDH serves as an envelope in which the SEPA data is "packed" and transported as "payload".

The combination of the two international standards SEPA and SBDH now allows all eXite ® users to transfer their data in the usual form - Safe, Reliable and Fast - with their partners. Through the support of the SEPA format eXite ®network meets once again the requirements to be a central, cross-industry data services hub providing users access to their customers, suppliers or service companies as well as banks through only one single communication link.

For further information about this topic, please contact our sales team  support(at) or +43/1/505 86 02 0.

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