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Sophisticated combination – WEIN & CO shop at Merkur

EDI at Wein&Co

WEIN & CO owes its success to its particularly good instinct for trends. The shop-in-shop cooperation with Merkur is the latest coup of the premium wine supplier. The recipe for success: clever marketing and flexible procurement through electronic data interchange (EDI).

The finest wines from all over the world in the middle of Merkur supermarket? The shop-in-shop cooperation of WEIN & CO and Merkur shows how creative marketing and intelligent procurement make new business models possible: Since January 2011, WEIN & CO products have been available on the online platform Merkur Vinoweb. The physical combination of wine and food retail takes place on roughly 100 square meters of retail space at the Merkur shop in Wiener Neustadt. At this shop, the customer can choose from a variety of about 1,300 spar-kling wines, wines and other products in the typical WEIN & CO ambience.

Full shelves thanks to EDI
To ensure that more than 100 meters of shelves at the shop are correctly stocked at any time, the procurement is carried out via the electronic interchange of data relating to orders (EDI). In this process, WEIN & CO receives orders from the WEIN & CO shop branch in Wiener Neustadt via the EDI application webIT client by EDITEL Austria. With the export function of the client, the order data is imported directly into the merchandise management system of WEIN & CO. This ensures that there is always a wide variety of noble grapes available.

“In this pilot phase of the project we have opted for an inexpensive EDI application which is easy to implement. Initially, we only receive electronic orders form the WEIN & CO shop branch. At a later point, a changeover to a fully integrated EDI solution, for example with automated assortment transmission (PRICAT: price catalogue), is definitely an option”, Oliver Pirker, Head of IT & Project Management at WEIN & CO, summarises the planning.

WEIN & CO in gastronomy
WEIN & CO is no newcomer to the EDI business. The wine supplier has used electronic data interchange in the “Wining-Dining-Shopping” segment for several years. Deliveries to wine bars with an integrated shop are carried out, amongst others, by C&C Pfeiffer, a supplier with whom price catalogue data (PRICAT), orders (ORDERS) and invoices (INVOIC) are exchanged electronically and therefore automatically.

Flexibility through EDI
WEIN & CO considers electronic data interchange one of the core technologies. “EDI enables work-efficient and cost-efficient procurement processes. That’s not just important in day-to-day business. For a company like WEIN & CO, which is constantly looking for new business models, it guarantees the necessary technical flexibility in order to successfully realise con-cepts like “Wining-Dining-Shopping” or the new shop-in-shop concept at Merkur”, says Pirker.

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