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The new Web EDI product of EDITEL

Web EDI Solution tradeIT

If retail chains such as BILLA, Spar, Metro or even canteen kitchens and catering companies are included to your customers and an integration in your ERP system doesn’t pay off because of the data volume, tradeIT offers the ideal solution to deal with these partners to exchange business data electronically. With tradeIT you are starting from 15 € per month to operate with your customers electronically:

  • Orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Receiving advice
  • Compliant invoices

Through the integration of tradeIT in the Europe-wide data network eXite® you have access to secure communications over 6,000 enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe. The system requirements are limited only to a PC with an Internet connection, installing its own software is not necessary. The operation is very user friendly and requires no special training.

Your benefits are

  • No initial investment required, inexpensive
  • Technical Requirements: a PC with internet connection
  • No software installation required, worldwide available via the Internet browser
  • Customer requirements can be met quickly
  • Integrated master data management (customers, products, prices)
  • Electronic processing of orders, delivery notes,
  • Receiving advice and invoices
  • User friendly
  • Archiving options
  • Export, print and download documents in PDF format

For further information on tradeIT please contact our sales team at sales(at) or +43 / 1 / 505 86 02 0.

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