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No New Year’s Eve fairytale

Champagne Bottle

Exotic and sustainable with GS1 and EDI

When you think of New Year’s Eve, what comes to mind? New Year’s resolutions or me? I am someone truly special and if you want to enjoy me sustainably, then you also need to know my love story. After all, what would the finest drink be without me?

It all began in a French glass factory, where I was born of the finest glass. What I did not know was that I was not created by love or by chance but following a painstaking plan. I was even ordered electronically via an EDI message and from then on my journey through life was tracked digitally. Not on social media, but in EDITEL’s protected eXite platform for all supply chain processes.

After the hot manufacturing process and after cooling down, I headed to my destiny as a champagne bottle. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I was of that. I could have been a juice bottle, after all. But I was destined for higher things!


Very shortly after an electronic shipping order was received (via eXite API), I was taken to a logistics center on a truck where I was prepared for my trip to the champagne winery. Once there, I was carefully cleaned and filled in a special machine.

I felt quite pressured when I was corked. But when I got a beautiful label with its own GTIN bar code, I was no longer unveiled and no longer a random bottle, but could now rightfully call myself a champagne bottle. This was also documented in a digital document, the GS1 Master Data Register. From now on I was no longer anonymous; numerous websites around the world could brag about my inner values. I was a star; my picture went viral via GS1 Sync. Everyone knew me, even my best-before date.

Complete documentation

I was immediately in high demand, the eXite mailbox was filling up with orders, no sooner had I made friends with my brothers and sisters in the champagne winery than we were being shipped all over the world. I traveled in style and took an Airbus to Vienna, the most livable city in the world. My life was fully documented and could be traced with GS1 Trace. I ended up on an exclusive shelf in no time, basking in people’s admiration. A nice, good-looking guy grabbed me, scanning me intently with his cell phone. My GS1 Digital Link data seemed to convince him, but then he also checked me using GS1 Trace. He wanted to make sure I was an original. Finally, he took me in his strong hands. He tenderly pulled me over the self-service checkout, “beep,” and embraced me again. The cashier already knew me and knew I didn’t come cheap. He treated me well, took great care to protect me and I felt so safe and desired. Life can be incredibly exciting!

And then the real fun started, a great party, with a dozen guests, with some of them even trying to get me before midnight, but my owner protected me until the big moment. He took me tenderly in his hand, pulled and twisted my neck until I could no longer hold back, I had never felt anything like it, it was beyond words. My cork shot out with a big pop and my content soon followed. I got to fill many glasses, and cheers erupted. All that because of me? Shortly afterwards, things quieted down, I ended up in a corner, feeling empty and yet happy, because in the distance I could hear people saying good things about me. But my owner ignored me, and I felt emptiness inside me.

Digital twin

He just left me outside in the cold, but life goes on somehow – I know it, because my inner values and data (my digital twin) ensure that I always get back on my feet. Thanks to the recycling information, I ended up in other good hands after a few experiences not worth mentioning. I was thoroughly cleaned and given a new and even nicer label and an entirely new GTIN. And if don’t get broken, I’ll see you at the next party. Please be kind to me and dispose of me properly and sustainably.

A Happy New Year!


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