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Falkensteiner Hotels

Falkensteiner Hotels

The company

Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG) is one of the leading regional providers and developers of tourism-related products and services in central Europe. FMTG is active in all areas of tourism development and plans and builds hotels, residences, serviced apartments and mixed-use buildings. In addition, the corporation operates and sells these facilities.

The situation

As one of the largest hotel chains in central and Eastern Europe, FMTG coordinates a large number of administrative and organizational processes on an everyday basis. Above all, purchasing food at the right time and in excellent quality is key. Previously used order processing solutions were paper-based, which was a time-consuming process that was prone to errors. FMTG was therefore looking for an opportunity of automating such processes, in an effort of ensuring efficient merchandise provision while maintaining top-notch quality.

Thanks to the support provided by EDITEL, connecting all partners was a breeze. EDTEL supported us all the way, contacting our suppliers and supporting them during the entire implementation process. Since eXite® is available internationally, we had no trouble connecting our business partners in Croatia, the Czech Republic amd Italy. Additional countries such as Serbia and Slovakia are already in progress.

Stefan Unterlader, Project Manager

The solution

The EDI platform eXite® by EDITEL is exactly what FMTG was looking for. All it takes is a single connection to eXite® for Falkensteiner to reach all its suppliers. 91 are already connected and exchanging article master data (PRICAT) and despatch advices (DESADV). The system also works internationally: all purchasing activities for about 30 hotels in six countries are centrally managed via eXite®, coordinating suppliers from different countries and sectors. By relying on electronic procurement of goods processes, the corporation also benefits from updated and correct inventory information, which makes stock-taking easier than ever. Also, data is automatically processed via the in-house ERP system, implemented by the software provider Delegate, thereby reducing the need for manual work and dramatically increasing data quality. Falkensteiner is now in a position to manage its procurement of goods in a cost-efficient and effective manner. To capitalize on all long-term benefits of EDI, FMTG plans to implement additional electronic business transactions such as orders.

In short: EDI at Falkensteiner Hotels

  • EDITEL Services for Falkensteiner
    • EDI Communication via eXite®
    • EDI Integration
    • Roll-out Management
    • Format Verification
    • Implemented processes
      • Despatch advices (DESADV)
      • Article master data (PRICAT)
  • Benefits thanks to EDI at Falkensteiner
    • Accurate and updated article master data
    • Updated inventory reports as a result of electronic despatch advices
    • Simplifies stocktaking
    • Straightforward connection to additional business partners, national and international
    • EDITEL provides support and assistance for business partners before, during and after the roll-out

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