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Fresh food logistics via eXite® at restaurants and hotels


The company

Kröswang has been delivering fresh food and frozen products to restaurants, hotels and industrial kitchens in Austria and southern Germany for 40 years. The company has evolved to become the market leader in its industry and operates 12 locations with a total of 300 employees.

The situation

Kröswang’s range of high-quality fresh and frozen food products totals 2,000 items. These perishable foods are delivered to restaurant and hotel clients and require special storage and delivery processes. This is one of the reasons why the delivery time for all 240,000 annual orders is 24 hours. To make these time-sensitive logistics processes happen, it is essential for Kröswang to receive order data swiftly and to process it correctly.

Order data in real time via eXite®

This is where the EDI platform eXite® comes in. Kröswang relies on it to electronically handle numerous business documents (orders, despatch advices, orders) both with restaurant clients and preliminary suppliers. In addition, Kröswang provides article master data in real time to its clients, which include Falkensteiner Hotels, Sodexo, Österreichische Mensen and XXXLutz Restaurants. The company plans to add information relevant for the EU food information regulation, such as allergens and nutritional value, in the near future.

Our top priority is providing excellent service to our clients. Want we need are solutions that integrate seamlessly into our existing processes. For many years, we have successfully been relying on eXite® to exchange business data with our clients and business partners.

Mag. Manfred Kröswang, CEO

Efficient data integration

During the implementation phase, Kröswang benefitted from the fact that the internal ERP system by CSB included an integrated interface to eXite®. This made it easy to provide new partners with electronic data as well as to receive electronic data from them. In addition, invoices to agencies of the federal government are now issued automatically thanks to CSB and eXite®. This approach has dramatically decreased manual work at Kröswang while increasing delivery quality.

In short: EDI at Kröswang

  • EDITEL Services for Kröswang
    • EDI Communication via eXite®
      • Implemented processes
        • Article master data (PRICAT)
        • Orders (ORDERS)
        • Despatch advices (DESADV)
        • Invoices (INVOIC)
  • Benefits thanks to EDI at Kröswang
    • Improved receipt of orders by clients
    • Automated order system between Kröswang and suppliers
    • Paperless invoicing system
    • A single connection for all business clients

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