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United Bakeries

United Bakeries

The company

United Bakeries was founded in 2007 with the merge of two of Czech Republics biggest bakery companies, Delta Pekárny and Odkolek. It is the leading company in the Czech and Central European bakery market. Main Brands of United Bakeries are Delta, Fr. Odkolek, Cerea, Toast tip and Ben.

The challenge

For years United Bakeries made use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for an efficient handling of the processes along the supply chain. In order to cope with the increasing complexity of the Czech market and increasing number of different trading partners, the company decided to considerably expand their internal and external EDI processes.

Without additional programming we are able to easily implement new processes in the IT-structure of our company. Thus we are able to react quickly and with high efficiency to market changes in the Czech Republic but also on EU-level. We are proud to be the first Czech company to realize such a large-scale EDI-solution.

RNDr. Helena Pašková, IT-Manager

The solution

In addition to the current data exchange via the b2b business platform eXite® United Bakeries implemented, together with the EDI experts of EDITEL CZ, the Sterling EDI platform. The Sterling Integrator ensures the flexible and individual structuring of electronic business processes within the corporate group and several IT-Systems. Thus new EDI-requirements from trading partners as for example the digital signature can be implemented fast and efficiently.

The outcome

Electronic business documents are sent now in an automated way to the respective partner according to the assortment of goods and delivery place. During the exchange data can be monitored and verified at any time. Thanks to the EDI-communication via eXite® and the integrated Sterling platform United Bakeries benefits from highest efficiency and flexibility levels as well as only one connection for the entire communication with their trading partners.

In short: EDI at United Bakeries

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