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e-Invoice via PDF

Send PDF invoices in an audit-proof manner

Electronic invoicing via PDF is an especially good choice for businesses that issue a large number of invoices to many small clients. With electronic invoices, invoice data (EDIFACT, CSV, I-DOC) is exported from the company’s ERP system and turned into PDF invoices that can be customized as needed. There is also the option of adding a signature and of archiving invoices in an audit-proof manner.

PDF invoices are sent to invoice recipients via e-mail or can be downloaded from the online portal using a safe link. Many additional functions are available, including time stamps, reminder management and a variety of analyses that help ensure a safe invoicing process. As a matter of course, audit-proof archiving of invoice data in the EDITEL archive is also available.

Benefits with PDF invoicing: 

  • Save on postage, printing and processing
  • Automated sending process
  • Relies on the same interface as for large EDI-enabled trading partners
  • Audit-proof
  • Easy access to invoices for recipients thanks to our online portal
  • E-Mail notifications for invoices that have not yet been retrieved
  • Speeds up the payment process
  • Signature and time stamp

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